Altium Building has a large fabrication shop equipped with state of-the-art machinery. We now have a new Water Jet Machine capable of 3D machining of metals and composites to glass and plastic in a wide range of materials and thickness. Our crews are highly trained and qualified in the construction industry and understand a superior finished project relies on quality personnel. We can fabricate any custom metal flashing and soffit as well as roll form material. We also manufacture our own panelized wall systems. By having the newest technology, equipment and talent, we can facilitate your specific requirements and successfully complete your project with the quickest turnaround possible.

OMAX Maxiem 2040 Jet Machine Center

A waterjet competes on equal footing with established tools such as lasers, mechanical milling and routing tools, EDM, ultrasonics, photochemical etching, and various CNC tools. It utilizes a high pressure stream of water to erode a narrow line in the stock material. Altium's Waterjet machine has the ability to easily cut almost any material; from steel and titanium to carbon fiber, composites and more, while maintaining high precision and smooth finishing. This meticulous machining tool is capable of a positioning accuracy of less than five microns while generating no heat therefore no secondary processing is required. It's environmentally friendly and safe operation is critical for our shops high capacity production demands. We can successfully achieve maximum productivity on your 3D fabricating and metal cutting needs.



Altium has in its inventory the most advanced…accurate…user-friendly, multi-profile, roof panel machine ever. It offers easily adjustable reveal from 0″ to 3″ and new 1" Flush Wall / Soffit Panel Profile. Runs up to 22 gaugeand can also provide optional perforations. On board computer can program 50 different lengths with quantities of up to 999. This machine will automatically run, measure, cut and re-start after panel is removed from shear. 12,000 lb. tandem axletrailer, equipped with crane lifting eyes and 4 drop-foot jack stands, is used for towing this roofing machine directly to your jobsite.




Schechtl Max 3100 CNC Brake

The German engineers at Schechtl have a 100-year history of building the most popular sheet metal folders in the world. The Schechtl MAX sheet metal breaks lead the industry today in production speed, versatility and operator ease of use. The MAX features bending capacities from 20 to 11 gauge, with a backgauge accuracy of +/- .004″. Drag & Draw programming technology allows our operator to draw a part "live" on the screen with his finger, with actual dimensions and angles to scale.


Schechtl SMT 3100 Shear

World renowned Schechtl was founded in Germany by blacksmith Josef Schechtl in 1910 and today is still a family-owned and operated business. The sheet metal machines produced by Schechtl continue to be the leading architectural shears and folding machines in the industry with more than 45,000 machines sold world-wide, this speaks volumes. The Schechtl is a motor driven plate shear designed for superior cutting, shearing, folding and rollforming 16 ga. with a cutting length of 122", assisting in increased production and efficiency for our metal components manufacturing.